GIANT Protocol: DeWi’s Proof-of-Stake

GIANT Protocol: DeWi’s Proof-of-Stake

All business models face a tradeoff between leanness (asset turnover) and efficiency (operating margins). Somehow, telcos manage to be bad at both. With a 5:1

GIANT Connect Tesnet 1.1 is live

Testnet 1.1 is live!

Testnet 1.1 is live! TL;DR Testnet 1.1 release is live at Now buy data packages with credit card or USDC No faucet. No limits.

Join the Testnet Competition to Earn Rewards

Announcing our four-week incentivized testnet competition Announcing our four-week incentivized #testnet competition. Get an opportunity to earn rewards by helping us test the GIANT Protocol.

Launching our Economy Simulator

Launching Our Economy Simulator Today, we’re launching our Economy Simulator, a tool we use to help us understand how different assumptions might impact the evolution