GIANT Protocol partners with Halborn for security audits

GIANT Protocol is excited to announce our partnership with Halborn Security. Halborn is an award-winning cybersecurity firm of ethical hackers providing end-to-end security services including blockchain, protocol, backend, and dapp auditing.

We’ve been working closely with Halborn in advance of our mainnet to ensure our Substrate-based, layer-1 blockchain, node runtime, off-chain workers, pallet logic, tokenomics design, backend scalability layer, devops workflow and tooling, and dapp implementations are secure. They’ve been leveraging manual reviews as well as automated tooling to provide the most comprehensive analysis possible.

GIANT Protocol’s mission is to democratize access to connectivity and financial services by creating a community-owned network accessible to anyone, owned by everyone. GIANT Protocol knows that security is the foundation of a healthy community. Security breeds trust, and trust binds a community together. GIANT’s partnership with Halborn is evidence of GIANT’s commitment to its community.

“At Halborn, we are excited to be working with such an ambitious project as GIANT Protocol. As GIANT Protocol revolutionizes the multi-trillion global connectivity market, security will be a foundational component of its solution. Our team is looking forward to leveraging our security expertise to help GIANT achieve one last singular network for the planet.” – Rob Behnke, CEO, Halborn

About Halborn

Halborn is an award-winning, elite cybersecurity company for blockchain organizations.

Security work never ends. Halborn serves as a third-party partner to continuously assess an organization’s most vital assets, drive maximum value and provide world-class cybersecurity consulting and execution every step of the way — far beyond smart contracts.

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