GIANT Protocol and Airalo Partner for Crypto-powered Mobile Data for Travelers

GIANT Protocol is excited to announce its partnership with Airalo, the leading provider of eSIMs (digital SIMs) for travelers, joining GIANT’s crypto-powered bandwidth marketplace. Through this partnership global travelers will be able to buy eSIMs from Airalo in over 190 countries and regions using USDC or credit card and earn 40% back in GIANT tokens. With this partnership, eSIMs from Airalo are expected to be available through GIANT’s app before the end of the year.

The affordability, convenience, and security of eSIMs compared to physical SIMs have catapulted the global eSIM market for travelers to $1.1B in 2021 with forecasts to reach nearly $2B by 2027.*  Travelers can avoid expensive roaming fees and surprise charges with Airalo’s transparent pricing starting as low as $4.50 per GB all inclusive. Travelers needn’t obtain, carry, or swap physical SIMs as Airalo’s eSIMs provide instant, digital connectivity. And eSIMs are more secure than physical SIMs because they can’t be removed if your phone is lost or stolen. Already Airalo’s eSIMs are loved by over 1M customers worldwide.

“I couldn’t imagine a better partner for GIANT than Airalo. GIANT shares Airalo’s vision for global, seamless, instant, affordable connectivity. I’m thrilled to bring Airalo’s popular eSIM data to the GIANT community,” said Suruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO of GIANT Protocol.

eSIMs from Airalo will be available for purchase with USDC and credit card through GIANT’s app before the end of the year. For a limited time any purchase through GIANT earns 40% back in GIANT token rewards. GIANT token rewards are auto-staked in liquidity pools to help secure the protocol and earn 13% APY plus 5% of future sales. GIANT’s novel approach aligns incentives between connectivity providers, consumers, and the community to create the world’s first global, seamless decentralized connectivity network.

“I’m thrilled that through our eSIM offerings, Airalo can contribute to GIANT’s mission to provide affordable, accessible, secure, instant internet access globally. For the first time, global travelers can earn crypto reward incentives when they purchase eSIMs from Airalo,” said Ahmet Bahadir Ozdemir, Co-Founder and CEO of Airalo.

GIANT’s partnership with Airalo is strong validation of GIANT’s proposition to consumers and providers, and an important step towards fulfilling GIANT’s mission of bandwidth as a truly community-owned global resource. eSIMs from Airalo will be available through GIANT’s app before the end of the year. Join GIANT’s private beta here now.

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