New product release – eSIMs from Airalo!

New product release - eSIMs from Airalo!

We’re excited to announce that eSIMs from Airalo are now available through GIANT Protocol! The launch of Airalo brings the total number of available countries and regions from 155 to more than 200. With prices starting as low as $4.50 per GB, eSIMs from Airalo provide travelers affordable international roaming data with global coverage and […]

Discover projects that chose IoTeX to disrupt wireless connectivity forever

Two major DeWi projects have joined forces with IoTeX to provide decentralized bandwidth and build the largest decentralized wireless networks in the world. Nesten and GIANT Protocol will leverage IoTeX blockchain and its chain agnostic data compute infrastructure, W3bstream, to ensure the successful expansion of their decentralized networks.

GIANT Protocol partners with Halborn for security audits

GIANT Protocol partners with Halborn for security audits GIANT Protocol is excited to announce our partnership with Halborn Security. Halborn is an award-winning cybersecurity firm of ethical hackers providing end-to-end security services including blockchain, protocol, backend, and dapp auditing. We’ve been working closely with Halborn in advance of our mainnet to ensure our Substrate-based, layer-1 […]

Join the Testnet Competition to Earn Rewards

Announcing our four-week incentivized testnet competition Announcing our four-week incentivized #testnet competition. Get an opportunity to earn rewards by helping us test the GIANT Protocol. Join our Discord to get started. TL;DR Get GIANT tokens from the faucet Purchase data plans to earn rewards Stake the GIANT tokens you don’t spend to earn more rewards […]

GIANT Protocol Testnet and dApp goes live today!

GIANT Protocol Testnet and dApp goes live today! Today we’re excited to release our public testnet and dapp. Our vision is that connectivity should be a shared global resource, and we should all be owners in a new connectivity economy where bandwidth becomes a digital asset. In this release anyone can experience what it means […]

A Leap Of Faith: Bringing Values-Oriented Leadership To Silicon Valley

I recently met a fascinating young Indian woman and a CEO in the blockchain startup space. Suruchi Gupta, founder and CEO of GIANT Connect is passionate about empowering people through values-driven leadership. Her mission is to provide internet access to people all over the world, something she increasingly sees as a human right. In Silicon […]

Could Bandwidth be a Super-Currency – A Global Digital Asset for the Masses?

For as long as cryptocurrency has existed, innovators have attempted to launch decentralized replicas of fiat money and the broader centralized financial system. In the Bitcoin white paper, Satoshi Nakamoto described Bitcoin as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system,” but extreme volatility means that store of value is now its primary utility.

GIANT Protocol Announces First Mobile Connectivity dApp, GIANT Connect

GIANT Protocol, a leading-edge web3 protocol building a decentralized connectivity economy, has today announced the launch of their first dApp, GIANT Connect, providing its users with access to the internet while they travel and earn rewards while doing so, giving them access to the connectivity economy.