Announcing our four-week incentivized testnet competition

Announcing our four-week incentivized #testnet competition. Get an opportunity to earn rewards by helping us test the GIANT Protocol. Join our Discord to get started.


  • Get GIANT tokens from the faucet
  • Purchase data plans to earn rewards
  • Stake the GIANT tokens you don’t spend to earn more rewards
  • Top 25 with the most rewards win each week
  • Starts Sep 5, runs for 4 weeks


How to Compete

  1. Join the Discord channel
  2. Connect your Polkadot{.js} extension when you visit the testnet app
  3. Get GIANT tokens from the faucet on My Page
  4. Purchase or gift cellular data plans and mint Data Contract Tokens (DCTs) on the Shop page
  5. Activate the minted DCT (or be sure whomever you give it to activates it!)
  6. Check the usage of your DCT under “My Page > My Data Plans”’
  7. Check your estimated demand rewards earnings each day and earn those rewards when your DCT expires
  8. Stake any unspent GIANT tokens in a provider pool in the Earn page
  9. Earn 50% of protocol fees as #RealYield when you stake in the provider pool


How to Know If You’re a Winner

At the end of each week, GIANT will publish on Discord the 25 Polkadot wallet addresses that won that week. Those winners get:

  • Early access to mainnet – an exclusive opportunity to earn first
  • 25% rewards boost on mainnet for 6 months from genesis


Don’t miss the opportunity to be a champion. Join the competition on Discord.

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