GIANT Protocol Releases Its Whitepaper - Dive into the Tokenomics of GIANT’s Connectivity Economy

GIANT Protocol is excited to announce the release of our whitepaper! It is after months of arduous efforts by our product and engineering teams that we are ready to publicly share the first version of our whitepaper for community feedback.  It builds on the litepaper by diving deep into the tokenomics and protocols at the core of GIANT’s effort to decentralize and democratize access to connectivity and financial services for all.

GIANT Protocol creates a connectivity economy designed to bring liquidity to bandwidth, reward providers and consumers of bandwidth, and incentivize the community to contribute to the protocol’s long-term growth and health. The enhanced tokenomics also give a glimpse into how financial markets for bandwidth can be created.

What does this mean?

  • Consumers access global, seamless, on-demand internet and earn
  • Data providers acquire new customers, drive loyalty, increase LTV and earn for offering  internet
  • Anyone can be a stakeholder, back and support any provider, and earn

At the heart of the protocol is a novel mechanism of a combined pool of staked tokens which creates unique incentives for providers, consumers, and the community alike. This mechanism secures the delivery of internet service and the ledger. The pool has three core use cases:

  1. Ensure consumers receive the service they’ve been promised or are automatically given refunds
  2. Help bootstrap liquidity for providers
  3. Nominate nodes and hold them accountable

To ensure the sustainability of  the protocol, the pool  receives income from both DCT sales and node rewards.

Check out the details in the whitepaper here. We would be thrilled to hear your thoughts  and questions on our Telegram channel!

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