Bandwidth as Currency – GIANT Protocol connects Web3 Financial Services (DeFi) for Internet Connectivity


The GIANT protocol makes bandwidth a global, digital asset. 


San Francisco: (November 23, 2021): GIANT Protocol announced its web3 protocol to tokenize internet access. Tokenized bandwidth will allow anyone with a mobile phone to access financial services by treating their unused prepaid minutes as a yield-generating financial asset. . GIANT Protocol is in an advanced stage of development with an experienced founding team and a well-established network in the telecom sector. 

Suruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO commented; “The world needs a simple, intuitive and practical way to bring blockchain and web3 benefits to the masses. GIANT was set up to address this turning our phone numbers into wallets and mobile minutes and mobile data into financial assets for users. 

There are more than 5bn mobile phone users that spend more than $2 trillion to access broadband and mobile internet every year. By transforming bandwidth into a virtual currency, GIANT makes it easy to use, own, acquire cryptocurrencies and access web3 financial services including DeFi. With only 220 million worldwide crypto users, GIANT will provide an on-ramp for earning and consuming crypto-based yield for unused airtime.” 

GIANT (Global Internet Access Network Token) Protocol was founded with the ambition to transform the Trillion-dollar global telecom industry.  We see access to both telecommunication and financial services as essential human rights and we assert that people’s time and prepaid mobile minutes and data should be treated as financial assets owned by the user.  

The conventional model to build a Global Connectivity Economy would require multiple competing mobile network operators (MNOs), banks, as well as governments with conflicting interests to co-operate, making it practically infeasible to exist. We envision using web3 technology to turn internet connectivity into a digital assetwhich aligns incentives of all parties, enables the formation of a decentralized connectivity economy that is open to all, seamless and secure by design and governed by the community.

Merijn Terheggen, Co-Founder and COO, said: “Decentralized protocols offer significant promise to create a more inclusive and global economy as well as enabling and incentivizing the sharing of resources such as bandwidth. However, compared to the relative ubiquity of the internet and smartphones, decentralized platforms currently remain inaccessible due to the knowledge and technical gaps for non-users of digital currencies.”

He added: “GIANT Protocol’s decentralized connectivity economy aims to create a unified solution to these disparate issues. The project partners with telecommunications companies and connectivity providers worldwide to create a new distributed connectivity economy that tokenizes bandwidth. As such, GIANT will serve as a global enabler of decentralized financial services via connectivity as a digital asset of value, in a way not possible using the current centralized economic systems.” 

As part of GIANT’s development, the project has also hired a world-class team of executives hailing from Juniper, Salesforce, HackerOne, Roku, Mobile365, and others. The team has collectively raised $200M+ in the past and has generated $10B+ in value. They have more than 100 years of collective experience from sectors including telecoms, security, and consumer tech. GIANT has also signed agreements with some of the largest telecommunication providers in the world. 

The company will announce further developments in the coming weeks.


About GIANT Protocol 

GIANT Protocol ( was founded in 2021 to decentralize and democratize access to the internet and financial services by tokenizing bandwidth. The project partners with telecommunications and connectivity providers across the globe to create a decentralized connectivity economy, allowing anyone with a mobile phone to participate. 

The GIANT Protocol team brings experience from companies including Juniper, Salesforce, and HackerOne, covering telecoms, security, consumer tech, and more. The project will launch on testnet in November 2021 and will go live on mainnet in 2022. 

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