GIANT Protocol Litepaper Release

GIANT Protocol is delighted to announce that we have released our Litepaper! GIANT compiled this document to broaden the knowledge of our investors and community members.

The path to a more open and inclusive internet is through a Decentralized Connectivity Economy enabled by a new web3 telecommunications layer that coordinates, tokenizes, and financializes ownership of the entire telecom ecosystem.

What are the highlights in this Litepaper?

  • Why GIANT Foundation created GIANT Protocol
  • The systemic problems with internet and financial services today
  • The fundamentals of a new Decentralized Connectivity Economy
  • A deep dive on GIANT Protocol’s system components
  • The GIANT token and its use in Data Contract Tokens
  • A set of permissionless smart contract protocols to coordinate, tokenize, and financialize bandwidth
  • A path to decentralized governance
  • Information on reference implementations and dApps
  • And a lot more! Go check it out!


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